Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"The worst forms of tyranny are those that insinuate themselves into the fabric of our lives, as not to be perceived as tyranny."

"The worst forms of tyranny, or certainly the most successful ones, are not those we rail against but those that so insinuate themselves into the imagery of our consciousness, and the fabric of our lives, as not to be perceived as tyranny." – Michael Parenti

Recently, I've been hearing much about the swine flu 'pandemic'. Much of this 'news' has focused on 'alerts' from a government organization. From the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), comes the following: "In response to the intensifying outbreak, the World Health Organization raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 4." But what does this mean? Is the government going to rescue us from this horrible situation? Should we throw up our hands in anguish and cry out for some bureaucrats to save us?

What exactly is the CDC? The CDC was first organized on 1 July 1946, founded by a man named Joseph Mountin, a lifetime bureaucrat. The CDC spends around nine billion dollars a year of tax-stolen money on such varied projects as the world’s largest, on-going telephone health survey system, sexually transmitted disease prevention, bio-terrorism prevention and preparedness, and preventing the spread of malaria, influenza, and other diseases. All told, since 1995, the CDC has spent approximately $87.6 billion dollars. Despite all of the vital functions performed by the CDC, can anyone name a single positive thing the CDC has done? I can show you how to perform all of these functions free of charge, without stealing a penny from anyone else!

It might take a lot of time to become the world's largest phone health survey, but I can take a free survey at pingmyhealth.org, so that dilemma is taken care of. All paid for and conducted by a private charity, not operated by theft.

Preventing sexual disease is easy: don't have sexual contact with anyone who is not your husband/wife, and make sure that they do the same! I know, this concept is so over-the-top that you may not be able to wrap your mind around it, but try. It costs nothing.

Onto bio-terrorism. How could we prevent this? Harry Browne has already covered this, so I will refer you to this article. It boils down to this: a foreign policy of, "We're always ready to defend ourselves, but we threaten no one." An idea so different, it just might work! Actually, it does work, and it means that the government ends its costly practice of empire, dismantle its standing armies, and stop meddling in the affairs of foreign countries. In the end, no money will need to be stolen from anyone, any more.

But what about the prevention of the spread of malaria? Malaria prevention was the first mission of the CDC, and so far, they haven't stopped it. That's right, folks, over 50 years later and still no fix. Recently, Aston Kutcher did a lot more to stop the spread of malaria than the CDC, and did it all without stealing a penny. Kutcher raised awareness for the Malaria No More organization by challenging CNN to a contest on Twitter. After winning, Kutcher donated $100,000, and also ended up getting Demi Moore, Oprah, and many others to donate many more hundreds of thousands of dollars to the prevention of malaria, coinciding with World Malaria Day. Nobody was stolen from to make this happen.

Now, for my final act, I will show you how to prevent the spread of disease, by referring you to a great WebMD article on the subject. The article was not paid for by stealing from others.

Where in the Constitution is the CDC authorized? Why do we have a Constitution if we aren't going to follow it? It seems like that $87 billion dollars could have been put to some better uses. Think, if that money were to be spent, invested, and used by the people that actually earned it. How many jobs were lost due to the theft of that money to taxes? How many children went hungry that could have been fed if that money had gone to a charity? How much real research on cures for cancer, or alzheimer's, or autism, didn't take place because the money was stolen from the proper owners and used in ways dreamed up by bureaucrats?

In the end, the CDC hasn't solved anything by spreading 'pandemic' alerts. Instead, we have just another bureaucracy to suffer under, pay for, and listen to. Does anyone perceive the CDC as tyranny? Not many, that much is certain. But tyranny it is, seemingly insignificant among all the others we are forced to suffer through. It is the worst kind, the kind that no one thinks about.